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Why I Am Running To Win

Why I am running to win the 1st Congressional District Seat of the US House of Representatives in 2024


I will be the next Congressional Representative for the 1st District of Wisconsin. I am a passionate experienced leader in health care delivery & education that was born and have lived in the 1st District my whole life.  I am motivated to propel the United States as the world leader in the provision of health care to our citizens. This World Class Health care needs to be affordable, accessible, equitable and keeps decision making among individuals and their health care providers, especially women’s right to choose.

My Family / Community Story:

I am the daughter of Samuel & Rita Barranco who worked hard to raise 6 children in a middle-class family in a diverse neighborhood in the City of Racine. My dad a Navy Veteran & son of Dominic & Mary, Sicilian immigrants, that laid down the foundation of hard work, faith, & family as the basis for a happy successful family for their 9 children. Grandpa Dominic supported the family by starting out his day fishing at the north pier of Racine, delivering it to grandma before starting a full day of work at Walker Manufacturing. Before sitting down with the family for supper, relaxation was tending the crops in his extensive home garden while the grandchildren played, and he sipped on his home brew vino.  They lived in an Italianate brick house across from the church that the Koleske Farm Family of Frank & Veronica Koleske also belonged to.


The Koleskes toiled daily to make the farm support their 13 children who worked the fields that stretched from Green Bay Road to the Root River in Racine County. That farm is now Saint Monica’s Senior Center which has served many 1st District Families. Through church connections and family members that were friends my parents met, married, and had countless friends and family that they helped.  Rather than driving to Madison to pursue his dream to become a Pharmacist after his Navy position as Pharmacist Mate my dad started a fuel oil delivery business “Bronco-Petro Corporation” to support the family. Mom was the company bookkeeper, receptionist & PR department while raising 6 children and volunteering at church, as a Cub and Girl Scout leader and caring for the elderly and ill in the neighborhood or family. 

Dad insisted that no matter what happened all of us would go to college.  We all did with 5/6 receiving their master’s degrees. Rita, my mom’s namesake is the best Lactation Consultant in the State of Wisconsin, earning her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from UWM-Milwaukee.  Dad finally got a family member to fulfill that pursuit of a Pharmacy degree when my niece & her husband graduated from Drake University and now work as Pharmacists for UW-Madison Hospital. 

When the energy technology shifted to gas rather than oil “Sam the “Oil Man” went to Gateway Technical College (GTC), obtained his “Stationary Engineer (SE) Credential” and toiled at Bell City and retired as a SE at Massey Furgeson. We lived on leftovers, beans, noodles and wore hand me downs from cousins while he was on strike a few times. His union job helped fulfill the goal for college for all of us and great health benefits in his retirement.  Currently, families are challenged with the shift in energy type in our pursuit to battle climate change. Like my dad they have lost their jobs and are retraining for jobs that will provide a living fair wage.  I have lived through the kitchen table issues that occur in homes today. 

Many of the Barranco and Koleske family still live in the 1st District. They have followed in the footsteps of our extended family in many countless community oriented and business roles including teachers, nurses and union leaders. We the Barrancos, Koleskes, Andersons are an American Family from the 1st Congressional District.


My husband Bob Anderson and I are high school sweethearts. His father Bill, also a veteran, was a purchasing agent at Western Publishing and mother, Carol (Gersonde) a RN that served in a leadership role in mental health in Racine and worked in medical/ surgical hospital units after retirement age. His grandfather Sven immigrated from Sweden and was a lead Engineer at Racine Steel Castings.


We survived the loss of my husband Bob’s career as a lithographer at Western Publishing / Little Golden Books when the it was  bought and dismantled by an out of state company for nothing more than corporate greed. When this occurred hundreds of families in the1st District lost not only the skilled union occupations, but a variety of employees that were also dedicated community members lost family supporting management and support jobs. Luckily, I was a union faculty member in Health Careers at Gateway Technical College and worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. Even with my dual income our kitchen table issue was getting our 3 children through school. Somehow, we did it. Melissa has 2 undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree with experience as a manager for a major entertainment company, Luke is a Registered Nurse caring for vulnerable populations and Michael an Urban Studies & Education graduate is a dedicated employee of Wisconsin Bike Fed as their Youth Programs Manager. Bob & I have 5 grandchildren that we love and both Melissa and Luke are loving devoted parents. 

Bob served the City of Racine as Alderman of the 2nd District and saved the city millions of dollars as a member of the Redevelopment Authority for the City of Racine. This contribution is related to Bob’s knowledge of land site clean-up, which was instrumental when the city purchased the contaminated, WE Energy Site on Lake Avenue in Racine.  He was also President of Wisconsin Neighborworks Badgerland, a community redevelopment company. When my parents were no longer able to live independently, they moved in with us and Bob became chief household manager, chef & entertainment/activity director at home. Now in addition to being the best Papa in the world to Eli & Miles he is currently volunteering in multiple roles for this Campaign.


Why I Am Running To Win

I have seen our country dividing, causing a decline in the worldview of the United States as the shining leader of democracy. Our neighbors and leaders in Congress rather than participation in civil discourse to problem solve, have turned to divisive tactics weakening our democracy, even when our country was caught off guard by a deadly virus.  The divisive actions of some are unlawful, unconstitutional and have contributed to the chipping away of our democracy. I will work with our neighbors near and far, colleagues in Congress, the Vice President, President, and official government workers to preserve, protect and strengthen our democracy that has been eroded. I will work to make sure that everyone has equal rights under the constitution.  

As an experienced intergenerational leader in Congress, I will work with elected leaders to take legislative action that is especially concerning to the youth of our country.  Life cannot go on if we do not act on climate change, fair living wages for a basic level of quality of life, education that is world class based on science and facts, not fiction and freedom of fear for personal safety from: bigotry, gun violence, and whatever confronts youth and vulnerable people on a routine basis. Remember we are all more alike than different. Discrimination related to color of skin, ethnic membership, educational level, freedom to love who we love & differences in religious beliefs can’t be tolerated in a peaceful democratic society.

If adults do not TAKE ACTION especially for the children & vulnerable, we will have an explosion in our already burdened need for mental health services. If we can’t promise our children a peaceful & productive home, community, and school life we will not be able to compete as a world-class democratic leader or have a world-class economy in the future.


 I have been surrounded my whole life by those who have directly served in the United States Military or provide essential military support via advanced science. I was educated with a worldview perspective & on a continual basis read, listen, and engage in active debates on local, state, national and international safety and defense topics including diplomatic & interventional tactics.  I have deep respect for Military Leaders, especially those that have been recently attacked for standing up for democracy. I support active military members, veterans and will actively participate in improving their health care, especially as it relates to medical problems associated with chemical or toxic exposure, care of PTSD, & access to reproductive health care of their choice. 

This background and my commitment to these stated goals will provide me with the base to make informed ethical decisions on the most appropriate action for Congress to take related to the care of our troops, veterans & maintenance of world peace or military action needed on an emergent basis to protect our citizens and allies.


I will be the experienced educated adult representing both the needs of the people I represent in the 1st District of Wisconsin (the people Near) and work with other leaders to protect all our neighbors across the United States (the people Far) to protect and preserve our democracy when I pledge to follow the Constitution of the United States of America.  I will put policy before politics.

I need your help to fulfill my promise to represent you “the people” in the seat of the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin.  My husband and I have regularly contributed to campaigns even in the times when things have been challenging financially.  So please go to the Donate button and contribute what you can afford today. Please let me know what you need your government to do for you. Read my professional background page and note my extensive volunteer experience. The campaign needs volunteers. Volunteer activity helps all members of our intergenerational society. It helps build the resume of the young or those changing careers and improves human interaction of all which is essential for the forward movement of our society. 

I graciously appreciate your donations in advance and look forward to meeting more citizens as the campaign progresses.   

Thank You,

Diane M. Anderson MS, RN, BC-FNP, CDCES, CDC DPP Lifestyle Coach

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