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Diane will lead neighbors near and far to preserve our democracy

     From the farm fields to the factories, from the Rock River to Lake Michigan we are all neighbors near & far  who want the same things: a government focused on solving our problems rather than engaging in political gamesmanship. Diane is a mother, wife, and healthcare professional who understands the challenges facing American families. She will bring people together to build consensus, come up with practical and workable solutions, and stop the bickering in Washington.  

Diane believes strongly that every individual citizen and family deserve:

🏛️Quality healthcare that is affordable, accessible, equitable, and that keeps decision making among individuals and healthcare providers, especially when it comes to a woman's right to choose.
🏛️A comprehensive action plan to address climate change and protect our children's future. Global warming will devastate our farmers, the crops, our food supply and endanger our national security. We must act now to save the planet.
🏛️Strong world class economy that provides contemporary living-wage jobs, promotes products made in USA & keeps family time a priority.

🏛️Excellence in education for all, based on science and facts, not fiction.
🏛️We must fix the southern border problem, for 25 years congress has argued over how to fix it on a strongly partisan basis. It is  time to put the country and its safety first and cross aisle's to finally come up with a fixable and humane solution to this problem.
🏛️Workable guard rails to ensure that AI and ML are used to improve people's lives and advance the USA as a world leader.
🏛️Decision making that not only meets but exceeds equitable basic human needs for physical and psychosocial safety.

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